The majority of all skateboard brands have a set of pro, semi-pro or complete amateurs that are on their 'team'. This basically means that the people on skateboard brands' teams are sponsored by that company, and rep their version of streetwear, ride their style of boards and are basically a walking billboard for that specific skateboard brand. As mentioned, you can be on skateboard brands' teams even if you aren't on the level of Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler. It's all about wanting to get to that point, and many teams will sponsor you and help you achieve that goal. 
Just a food for thought! 

Why Are Skateboard Brands' Teams Important?

Checking out the names of skaters that fall under a brand's team is an excellent source of inspiration, both on and off the board. Having someone to look up to within the skateboard industry will further your skills, provide you an incredible source of motivation and will even give you an insider's look at some rad streetwear. You also usually get skate videos that go over tricks, tips to a successful career - or to simply land that Fakie Beta Flip. Obviously, the more 'mainstream' or 'popular' the streetwear brands or skateboard brands are - the more popular the skaters on the team tend to be. Some true hidden gems are found in underground skate videos, teams and skaters - so don't underestimate the smaller brands. Plus, they also tend to offer rad streetwear for a much more affordable price. 

Following Big Name Skateboard Teams

Often times, the popular names within the skate industry include names such as Etnies, Plan B and DGK - large brands that have basically franchised themselves. Etnies has a pretty reputable skateboard team that include some pretty hot names such as;  Ryan Sheckler, Willow, Aidan Campbell, Tyler Bledsoe, David Reyes, Cairo Foster, Julian Davidson and Nick Garcia. These are big names that you almost always see at the main skate events, skate videos, streetwear ads and much more. If you're looking to get motivation from pros, this is definitely a way to do just that. 

Smaller Brand Team To Follow

You can't underestimate the smaller skateboard brands' teams either though. Following less mainstreamed names allow you to relate to the skaters, and you can also watch their career evolve alongside your own. Following Ryan Sheckler may be great, but if you are no where close to nailing a 720 Gazelle Flip, and have just landed your first ollie,  you may not relate or understand his skate videos. The streetwear that they rep is also less popular which means that you aren't seeing them plastered in tanks and tees from big franchise. Instead, they typically rock smaller, innovative and up-and-coming style of streetwear which gives you an opportunity to find and rep your individual streetwear style that isn't so mainstream.  Smaller skateboard brands' teams include big names such as; Chris Cole and James Brockman, but also promote the amateur skaters that are looking to make their mark within the industry. 
Whether you are eager to find some rad skate videos, streetwear inspiration, or skate motivation, following all kinds of skaters is definitely recommended, and the best place to find those names is under skateboard brands' team names.