While we may provide streetwear and surf style for men, we can't forget about the fabulous women that tear up the board sports just as well as the men do. There's a 10 year-old surfer from Australia that is quickly taking over the headlines - and for more than just her incredible survival story after being attacked by a shark while out rocking her surf style on some swells.

Who is The Surfer?

Myxie Ryan is a typical surfer who lives on the shore - she has a love for the swells that only a surfer could understand. At the mere age of 10, her surf style and dedication will astonish you. She set out a 100-day surf style challenge for herself, and even after being attacked by a shark, it wasn't her injuries that upset her, but rather her inability to accomplish the goal that she set out for herself. This is a prime example of her surf style and dedication, and it's only the beginning for this young star.

The Attack

On day 95, Myxie paddled out approximately 20cm from shore to hit some breakers. It was then that she felt an odd sting and began to see her blood fill the water surrounding her board. While it is believed that it was an attack of a small shark, it is almost impossible for this to be confirmed at this point. However, the significance of the wound, ripped tenons, missing skin and severed nerves proves that this wasn't a small fish. 
“It’s hard to know what it was and we’ll probably never know. Myxie thought it was a shark but she couldn’t really see anything and when we brought her into shore the paramedic thought it could have been a small shark,” Myxie Ryan's mother said.
It took 3.5 hours of surgery to attempt to repair the severed nerves and torn tendons that occurred from the bite. 

Her Surf Style and Dedication

In regards to her thumb, where the bite had occurred, Myxie's mom continued, “They’ve tried their best to put it back together. There was a fair bit of skin missing on the wound. Myxie was actually upset about her cut wetsuit.”
With some seriously amazing surf style - you know what it's like to have a new purchase get ruined. 
Despite the 6-8 week timeline given for her thumb to stay out of water, Myxie is eager to throw on her new surf style gear and get back into the water around the 4th week. 
Sharks are very prominent in that specific territory, so it is very safe to assume that this is certainly what took a nibble out of this aspiring surfer girl. Her story is quickly going viral, and not so much for the actual shark attack, but for the dedication and surf style that is apparent within Myxie's life. 
Myxie is definitely expected to make a full recovery, and you are certain to see more from this girl within the surf industry. She has the dedication that so many surfer's strive for, and although she may not fit the brand that we offer, Myxie's surf style is definitely inspiration that we can all admire.