If you're somewhere that is still being pounded with snow, you're probably extremely anxious to get back on the board - more so than normal. This winter has been absolutely brutal. Thankfully, the snow is starting to dissipate, and for everyone else, the weather is slowly starting to get a little bit warmer. The skate park rails and ocean swells are entering the season that will have you tearing up your surf style and streetwear day in and out. With all the new streetwear and surfwear available in the Distortion collection, you will definitely be ripping some waves and riding some rails in style. Here are some of the wicked styles you definitely need to add into your skate and surf style. 

The Most Common Streetwear Items Are Graphic Board Shorts

It's the Cali lifestyle - or the Spring and summer season for the rest of you, and board shorts are definitely the one piece of streetwear clothing that you wear the most. It gets hot out there at the skate park, and you need clothing that stays light when soaked by the ocean swells which make board shorts an absolute must have for surfwear and streetwear. Since graphic board shorts, tees and tanks are the epitome of this season's trends, you need to get yourself some of the new surf styles that are available. Palm trees, aztec designs, tie dye or a combination of all three - you name it, you got it. 

Surf Style Inspirations

One of the raddest trends of surfwear within the Distortion collection is definitely within the tees and tank. There are a variety of surfwear items that have the surf style on point. Palm trees, swells, waves, sand, shores. You also have blues, greens, and the colors of sunsets and rainbows.  If it has to do with surf style - you got it with the tees and tanks section of distortion. Now, if you're more of a streetwear dude, the lifestyle is extremely similar, so you can also enjoy that surf style inspiration that is prominent throughout the spring collection. 

Loud and Vibrant Streetwear 

Your skate and surf lifestyle is loud, rambunctious, unique, innovative, wild and plenty of other things. You have your own set of style that you bring out on your board, and your streetwear definitely has to display the same elements.  It's your individual style, and you need some gear to promote that. The entire collection of streetwear and surfwear Distortion has brought out for this new year is definitely exactly what you need. Loud vibrancy and innovative styles are apparent in all of the board shorts, tees and tanks. Even the boys section of streetwear has some serious surf style that can be seen in the Barry and Joe tees
Basically, the new items of surf style and streetwear that are being debuted in the spring 2014 collection are totally on point with the lifestyle that you live. So, grab your board and hit the boardwalk and the swells because the surfwear and streetwear you can get your hands on now is totally rad.