You probably don't put more than 5 minutes into getting dressed to ride the rails at the local skate park, but that doesn't mean that you don't care about the surfing and skateboarding trends that are expected for this year. Your fashion isn't based around all that New York fashion week bull. How ridiculous would you look rocking a full piece suit on a deck? It's probably happened - but don't take that advice. Your unique style comes out through your technique and tricks on the board, whether it is surfing or skateboarding. The fashion in this industry is about comfortable, casual and free surf and skate clothing that won't restrict your movements and cause you to bail.  Here are the trends to look forward to. 

Seriously Sharp Style

If you're a dude who enjoys some colors, then you'll appreciate the trends of 2014 for surf and skate clothing. Acid upbeat style is being showcased in the trends, and it might even take you back to the 90s of surfing and skateboarding.  Neon pinks (Real men wear pink?), yellows and oranges are being combined with grays, blacks and whites to bring the brightness down to a more masculine fashion. It's pretty rad if you can pull if off.  As always, graphic tees are trending because this iconic style won't ever leave the industry.

Slouching Surf and Skate Clothing

It's not like you wear skin tight tees and tanks anyway, but 2014 surf and skate clothing trends is bringing in the slouch. It's not a Justin Bieber 'swag' kind of slouch, but rather, the trend is something rad and casual - and actually cool. Slouchy knitwear, and loose tees and tanks are on top of the list, and accessories such as beanies will provide individual style to the trend. 

Stripes on the Shorts

When it comes to your shorts, stripes and checkers are on point for long board shorts. The rest of the trends are fairly plain in texture. So, this adds a bit of 'fashion' to the surf and skate clothing trends. You'll be riding with your board shorts on anyway, so might as well revamp the wardrobe for 2014, and hopefully your skill set will follow en suite. 

Strong Slogans

Tees and tanks, surfing shorts, and skateboarding style for 2014 is placing emphasis on large, bold slogans. Contrasting colors, bold fonts, and repping your brand is something that you are bound to see while grinding the rails.  If this isn't your personal style, then it's no big deal. This is one of those trends that is really specific to the individual. 

Sheer Fabrics

You sweat up a storm while surfing and skateboarding anyway, and you probably even end up stripping off your tees and tanks, but the sheer fabric that is trending will keep you less-naked longer. Instead of cotton and heavy fabrics, surf and skate clothing is bringing in some lightweight materials such as sheer, lace and satin. Those three words may sound like the stuff your chick says, but the tees and tanks are masculine and on point with the lifestyle of this industry. 

Summer Flowers

Again, this is one of those trends that is specific to the individual. A lot of surf and skate clothing will be sporting florals for their designs. It's not so much about flowers, but more of a Hawiann appearance that is prominent within the urban streetwear style. 
No one expects you to show up at the park or on the shore with flowers blossoming from your style. Let's get serious here - that's just tacky. 
These 6 "S" trends will have your surf and skate clothing on point for 2014. Add in some new gitch to your gear and maybe you'll finally land that trick you've been bailing hard on.