There are tons of reasons why you need to learn how and where to find killer skate videos. Not only is watching people bail hard absolutely hilarious, but checking out skate footage allows you to perfect the trick so you don't make your bailing video debut. As if the pain wasn't enough already, right - then you have to deal with the buzz on the net. Not a chance. Enjoy funny, cool, interesting and absolutely mind blowing clips that will also improve your skating performance. Theses are the best places to get the killer footage you need for not only entertainment purposes, but for techniques and tricks to break out your skate style.

Stalk Social Media Accounts

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine have totally changed the way we can follow the pros within the skate industry. Do a search for your favorite pro skater and check out skate videos that they personally do. These are bomb because you get to check out footage that is 'behind the scenes' and real. The skate videos are much more personable, and you may even find a new pro skater to follow.  

Pro Skater Sites With Skate Videos

Along with pro skaters social media accounts, they probably have their own personal site as well. This is where you can check out some more elaborate skate videos, break downs of tricks, tips for going pro and everything that you could possibly want to watch. Some of these sites also have interviews and some seriously rad photos. Analyze their techniques and bang out that boardslide the next time you're riding at the park. 

Skateboard Companies & Team Videos

Along with individual websites, pro and underground skateboarders have footage posted on skateboard companies & team websites. This is where to can truly see the grind of the sport. Pro skater videos often have some hard tricks debuted. If you're not going too hard on your board just yet, check out some websites of your favorite skateboard companies. They often have tips, tricks and footage for amateurs and pros. Started from the bottom now we're here, anyone? You have to start somewhere... Even if it's with an olly

Sponsor Skate Videos 

Skateboard companies that sponsor skaters are also a great place to check out rad skate videos. You can often see new deck styles, tricks, interviews, tips, and everything that you want to view about a specific skate team. You might not see hilarious bail videos of people falling hard, but you can definitely perfect your individual technique and skate style by watching footage on sponsors footage. The only downsize is that they are probably trying to promote their brand, and it's not always just about the skateboarding. 
Skate videos are wicked for perfecting your skill set on the deck. Then, you have the videos of people totally messing up and slamming hard on the rails which are solely for your entertainment purposes. You can also take their experience into your own skating to make sure that you don't make the same mistakes. Whether you are checking out skate videos of individuals or skateboard companies, these are definitely the places to look for some of the sickest footage out there.