Getting the sickest deck for your skate style is a must. You can't be riding and grinding rails on some mucked up wood, and if that is what you're doing - you definitely need to kick it to the curb. Pun intended! Your deck should come from skateboard companies that offer high quality craftsmanship, designs and some elements that are specific to your individual style. There's nothing worse than when you're having a killer day skating, and you bust your foot right through the board, forcing you to call it a day. These are epic skate brands that have wicked decks. 

Get Dirty and Ghetto With DGK Skateboard Brand

DGK Skateboards (Dirty ghetto kids) have an immense amount of detail put into the style of the deck, so if you are looking for something that will get you and your tricks standing out at the park, this is definitely a company to shop for decks. This brand is seriously on the rise, and it totally has to do with the killer deck designs and the pro skaters on the team. To name a few, Jack Curtin, Marcus McBride, Josh Kalis and Rodrigo Tx skate with their decks. 

Rad Designs On The Blind Skate Brand

Blind is one of the best skateboard companies when it comes to bold, vibrant designs on your deck. The collection has all hardware and accessories that you could ever need to further your skateboard tricks and performance. Originally crafted in 1989, Blind signed pro skaters, Rudy Johnson, Guy Mariano and Jordan Richter as its vert rider. Blind Skateboards now has pro skaters such as Kevin Romar, Cody McEntire, Sean Sheffey and Filipe Ortiz on the team, and signature decks are available.

Get Stoked for Zero Boards

Zero boards seriously have zero things that they don't offer on their decks. If you want some skate brands that offer a variety of options and style, then this is definitely it. The Zero company was first formed in 1996 as an apparel shop, but quickly evolved into a skate brand because their decks were getting people super stoked. Professional skate boarder, Toy Machine was the first to join the team and Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval and John Rattray are some of the latest boarders on the Zero team. 

Sick Powell Skate Decks

Formed in 1978, this skate company only took off in the late 80s, which seems ancient, but their popularity has only grown since - just as the sport has.  The brand was actually created by George Powell, who was crafting homemade skateboards in 1957. His hobby quickly turned into a business opportunity, and here we are - riding Powell boards with pro skaters, Ray "Bones" Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Kit Erickson and Tommy Guerrero. That's only naming a few!
Whether you're balling on a budget or swiping some plastic, these skateboard companies offer some wicked boards that will definitely accommodate your style as you catch some air. Skating isn't always about nailing the latest and hardest trick. It's about having character and flavor when flipping out those kick flips in the half pipe.