Chances are, we have all picked up a video game controller more than once in our life. It's even more likely that we have done so to take the reins of Tony Hawk or to play some other skateboard video games. Let's not kid ourselves. Skateboard games are just as fun as kick flipping your way through your local skate park. Plus, we need something to do on rainy days when we're lounging around in our sweatpants and pullovers, right? That's also not to mention that with skateboarding games, you get to enjoy skate videos that will teach you new tricks for the street. No, not the street in the game, but in reality. Here are some of the most rad games that you need to pick up. 



The entire Skate video game is seriously bomb. You can throw down some wicked tricks throughout the variety of stages in the game. Practice and hone your skills by watching the skate videos and skating around the levels. The skate shop has some realistic ways to create your own personal style. That's also not to mention that you get the entire competitive world of skateboarding right on the screen. Plus, if you aren't ready to risk the rails at the real park, you can still enjoy tearing it up with some video games.



We are all sick of our parents ripping on us to put the controller down, get out of our sweaters and get outside. Little do they know that we can get some of the most rad skate video games on our iPhones. We're thinking ahead of the game with this one. Skate It is a game that you can download. It is like the old school Tony Hawk games that we used to play, and the graphics are as clutch as the latest device. Learn how to nail a kickflip, ride the rails, and lay down some killer tricks on screen so that you can take your game to the treats. You have the option of skating as a pro skateboarder, or take advantage of the skate shop and customize your own character. If you kill it enough, you can create your own skate park as well - The ultimate dream.



You can't go wrong with the original skate video game. Tony Hawk has been around since the beginning of Playstation, and the game only continues to get better. It's a realistic way to lace up your Etnies, throw on your streetwear tank and grind the rails of school benches. There are so many new skateboarding tricks to learn, skate videos to watch and you can customize your pro skateboarder in the skate shop. It's unreal how realistic the Tony Hawk games series is. The original version is totally epic, but the newer versions are killer as well. 


So next time you're at the skate shop, check out some of the skate videos. There are tons of skateboard games that can get you kickflipping your way from the living room to the skate park. You're going to play video games when you're not tearing up the half pipe, so you might as well play one that is going to make you a better skater. Plus, the games have some bomb skate videos of pro skaters and real competitions. They're the entire package. Get off your couch, throw on your varsity jacket and grab yourself a new video game at the skate shop.