The majority of the world is layering on their streetwear pullovers and surf style jackets because they're experiencing record-breaking colds right now. While average people are hibernating inside, you can only imagine what real surfers and dudes within the industry are doing around the world. You guessed it. The deep freeze has brought in some wicked storm waves in locations such as Southern California and even off the coast of Ireland and other areas in Europe. People are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to freeze their asses off just to be able to rip into some serious swells. That's not everything though. Surf photographers have also captured some bomb surf style shots of these deep freeze waves. 



California usually gives decent enough weather for tanks and tees, but with the cold weather, the deep freeze has also enhanced the surf swells! While everyone else is complaining of the chilly weather, the real Californians are grabbing their boards, preparing to rip the wicked waves. Of course, it's damn cold once you finally get out of the salt water, and that's why you have to go prepared with your streetwear jacket ready for you to strip into as soon as you get back onto shore. It's well worth it though. Even the surf style shots that photographers have taken will prove that the chilly weather is totally worth it. 



America isn't the only place that has people throwing their streetwear sweaters on top of their wetsuits. The North West side of Ireland has been getting some incredible waves that have resulted from the deep freeze we're experiencing. The people of Ireland have switched up their surf style for some colder weather gear so that they can rip into the black swell that professional and amateur surfers have been anxiously awaiting. Everyone else is boarding up their houses and the surfers of Ireland are boarding up and heading to the shore. It's totally rad.



It's kind of hilarious. While everyone in Europe is ranting over the dangers of Winter Storm Hercules, the surfers within the 45 countries affected by this storm in Europe are lining the sandy shores as they watch the record-breaking deep freeze waves come flooding in. Heavy rains, floods and freezing weather are over-rated to the surfing industry. These streetwear surfing dudes are taking the storm head on. No pun intended. As mentioned, even those who aren't ready to brave the cold water, they're out there snapping surf style shots of everyone who is carving into the swells of Hercules.


Now, you might not be wearing your latest surf style tank to the shore to carve into these swells, but you definitely don't want to miss out on the opportunity to tear up the storm waves and to watch other surfers do the same. It's wild out there, and as any surfer knows, you never give up a good wave.