Trending: Culture Shock

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We have been keeping a sharp eye out for the current trends on the street. Trying to make sure that we have the most current and legit clothing for you to stay on point at all times. Although, a person sometimes forgets that the originality of clothing comes from culture. So we decided to not give you the typical run of the mill outfit pictures, but instead share a couple cultural events current and up-coming. We couldn’t think of a better way to find inspiration for adding to your closet and re-styling what you already have.

Here are a few versatile pieces we thought were worthy for each event.


Museum of the City of New York

City As Canvas

February 4 - August 24

An exhibition filled with works of graffiti, including the legendary Keith Harring. If you don’t know who he is, you have not lived. There is plenty of time, if you find yourself in NY, to visit and be inspired.

Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World

March 8 - September 14

We all have to appreciate the art of the Japanese. Classic tattoo art such as the coy and others are revealed here for their meaning. Might even find yourself at a tattoo parlor afterwards.





Gill Shirt


Donald Tee

Skateboard Brands Are Rad For Skate Inspiration

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The majority of all skateboard brands have a set of pro, semi-pro or complete amateurs that are on their 'team'. This basically means that the people on skateboard brands' teams are sponsored by that company, and rep their version of streetwear, ride their style of boards and are basically a walking billboard for that specific skateboard brand. As mentioned, you can be on skateboard brands' teams even if you aren't on the level of Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler. It's all about wanting to get to that point, and many teams will sponsor you and help you achieve that goal. 
Just a food for thought! 

Why Are Skateboard Brands' Teams Important?

Checking out the names of skaters that fall under a brand's team is an excellent source of inspiration, both on and off the board. Having someone to look up to within the skateboard industry will further your skills, provide you an incredible source of motivation and will even give you an insider's look at some rad streetwear. You also usually get skate videos that go over tricks, tips to a successful career - or to simply land that Fakie Beta Flip. Obviously, the more 'mainstream' or 'popular' the streetwear brands or skateboard brands are - the more popular the skaters on the team tend to be. Some true hidden gems are found in underground skate videos, teams and skaters - so don't underestimate the smaller brands. Plus, they also tend to offer rad streetwear for a much more affordable price. 

Following Big Name Skateboard Teams

Often times, the popular names within the skate industry include names such as Etnies, Plan B and DGK - large brands that have basically franchised themselves. Etnies has a pretty reputable skateboard team that include some pretty hot names such as;  Ryan Sheckler, Willow, Aidan Campbell, Tyler Bledsoe, David Reyes, Cairo Foster, Julian Davidson and Nick Garcia. These are big names that you almost always see at the main skate events, skate videos, streetwear ads and much more. If you're looking to get motivation from pros, this is definitely a way to do just that. 

Smaller Brand Team To Follow

You can't underestimate the smaller skateboard brands' teams either though. Following less mainstreamed names allow you to relate to the skaters, and you can also watch their career evolve alongside your own. Following Ryan Sheckler may be great, but if you are no where close to nailing a 720 Gazelle Flip, and have just landed your first ollie,  you may not relate or understand his skate videos. The streetwear that they rep is also less popular which means that you aren't seeing them plastered in tanks and tees from big franchise. Instead, they typically rock smaller, innovative and up-and-coming style of streetwear which gives you an opportunity to find and rep your individual streetwear style that isn't so mainstream.  Smaller skateboard brands' teams include big names such as; Chris Cole and James Brockman, but also promote the amateur skaters that are looking to make their mark within the industry. 
Whether you are eager to find some rad skate videos, streetwear inspiration, or skate motivation, following all kinds of skaters is definitely recommended, and the best place to find those names is under skateboard brands' team names.

Top 3 Spring Break Trip Tips

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With the anticipation for a break from studies or just a quick getaway, Spring Break is approaching. Of course we had to make a list of the top 3 things to do this Spring with few pieces from our Spring 2014 urban menswear collection. So aside from the already obvious (sleeping in, surfing/skateboarding) here are a few things to do that are bucket list worthy.

3. TCM Classic Film Festival: April 10-13

If you are looking for a more low-profile activity for this Spring vacation, why not lounge out in a cool movie theater and enjoy classic films. Hollywood’s infamous

2. MTV Spring Break in Cancun: March 19-25

What is Spring Break without pool parties, the beach, and college students from around the world? With the countless day parties in the water with lives music, this is a must go for those who want to the genuine spring break adventure. Plus, you may even get to be on camera!

1. Coachella:  April 18-20

OK, so this may be an obvious one, but also necessary to put as number 1 for the list. The line up is beyond epic, including: Outkast, Arcade Fire, Kid Cudi, Nas, Solange, Muse & more. There is a band/musician for everybody’s unique taste. This is also the place where free spirits collide and the best of urban and festival fashion is revealed.

Urban Fashion is the perfect fit for all these events, with the allowance of adding your personality while being comfortable. We pulled a few items for the poolside to chilly nights for some inspiration-


Taking Surf Style Inspiration From a Shark Attack on a 10 Year Old Girl

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While we may provide streetwear and surf style for men, we can't forget about the fabulous women that tear up the board sports just as well as the men do. There's a 10 year-old surfer from Australia that is quickly taking over the headlines - and for more than just her incredible survival story after being attacked by a shark while out rocking her surf style on some swells.

Who is The Surfer?

Myxie Ryan is a typical surfer who lives on the shore - she has a love for the swells that only a surfer could understand. At the mere age of 10, her surf style and dedication will astonish you. She set out a 100-day surf style challenge for herself, and even after being attacked by a shark, it wasn't her injuries that upset her, but rather her inability to accomplish the goal that she set out for herself. This is a prime example of her surf style and dedication, and it's only the beginning for this young star.

The Attack

On day 95, Myxie paddled out approximately 20cm from shore to hit some breakers. It was then that she felt an odd sting and began to see her blood fill the water surrounding her board. While it is believed that it was an attack of a small shark, it is almost impossible for this to be confirmed at this point. However, the significance of the wound, ripped tenons, missing skin and severed nerves proves that this wasn't a small fish. 
“It’s hard to know what it was and we’ll probably never know. Myxie thought it was a shark but she couldn’t really see anything and when we brought her into shore the paramedic thought it could have been a small shark,” Myxie Ryan's mother said.
It took 3.5 hours of surgery to attempt to repair the severed nerves and torn tendons that occurred from the bite. 

Her Surf Style and Dedication

In regards to her thumb, where the bite had occurred, Myxie's mom continued, “They’ve tried their best to put it back together. There was a fair bit of skin missing on the wound. Myxie was actually upset about her cut wetsuit.”
With some seriously amazing surf style - you know what it's like to have a new purchase get ruined. 
Despite the 6-8 week timeline given for her thumb to stay out of water, Myxie is eager to throw on her new surf style gear and get back into the water around the 4th week. 
Sharks are very prominent in that specific territory, so it is very safe to assume that this is certainly what took a nibble out of this aspiring surfer girl. Her story is quickly going viral, and not so much for the actual shark attack, but for the dedication and surf style that is apparent within Myxie's life. 
Myxie is definitely expected to make a full recovery, and you are certain to see more from this girl within the surf industry. She has the dedication that so many surfer's strive for, and although she may not fit the brand that we offer, Myxie's surf style is definitely inspiration that we can all admire. 

Distorted Art

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It's genuinely amazing what you can find in the most odd places, such as underneath the Santa Monica Pier.  Washed up surfboards and finding art in a colored and destroyed plank of wood are just a few of the odd things that the Raging Youth takes notice. It is sometimes forgotten that urban style fashion is rooted from our culture. 
So don't be afraid to hesitate and see the no conventional art. 

The Necessary "Throwback Thursday" Post

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Spring  2013 Reminiscing 
The weather is finally warming up here in sunny California and time to take the surfboards out, chill out in street wear, and enjoy life. Cannot help but look to the past to see how far you have come. 

Spring Break Solutions

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Countdown to Spring Break only means one thing. 
Shopping for a new closet full of board shorts
The official well-loved and might as well be considered a week long holiday is approaching. We can literally smell the sea salt, anticipating the waves for surfing,  the poolside, anything water involved. There is no denying how necessary it is to have a pair for each day, with prints that can fit any Spring Break destination. We also have the perfect selection of tees and tanks to throw over when your done flexing.
What are you waiting for? Shop now so you can get them in the mail before take off.

Distortion Tip of the Day:

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Get Distorted!
Who said anything about being troubled youth? When in reality we are the "Raging Youth." Don't be afraid to express who you are. 
What better way then with Distortion Clothing?

What You Can Expect From Distortion 2014 Spring Collection

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If you're somewhere that is still being pounded with snow, you're probably extremely anxious to get back on the board - more so than normal. This winter has been absolutely brutal. Thankfully, the snow is starting to dissipate, and for everyone else, the weather is slowly starting to get a little bit warmer. The skate park rails and ocean swells are entering the season that will have you tearing up your surf style and streetwear day in and out. With all the new streetwear and surfwear available in the Distortion collection, you will definitely be ripping some waves and riding some rails in style. Here are some of the wicked styles you definitely need to add into your skate and surf style. 

The Most Common Streetwear Items Are Graphic Board Shorts

It's the Cali lifestyle - or the Spring and summer season for the rest of you, and board shorts are definitely the one piece of streetwear clothing that you wear the most. It gets hot out there at the skate park, and you need clothing that stays light when soaked by the ocean swells which make board shorts an absolute must have for surfwear and streetwear. Since graphic board shorts, tees and tanks are the epitome of this season's trends, you need to get yourself some of the new surf styles that are available. Palm trees, aztec designs, tie dye or a combination of all three - you name it, you got it. 

Surf Style Inspirations

One of the raddest trends of surfwear within the Distortion collection is definitely within the tees and tank. There are a variety of surfwear items that have the surf style on point. Palm trees, swells, waves, sand, shores. You also have blues, greens, and the colors of sunsets and rainbows.  If it has to do with surf style - you got it with the tees and tanks section of distortion. Now, if you're more of a streetwear dude, the lifestyle is extremely similar, so you can also enjoy that surf style inspiration that is prominent throughout the spring collection. 

Loud and Vibrant Streetwear 

Your skate and surf lifestyle is loud, rambunctious, unique, innovative, wild and plenty of other things. You have your own set of style that you bring out on your board, and your streetwear definitely has to display the same elements.  It's your individual style, and you need some gear to promote that. The entire collection of streetwear and surfwear Distortion has brought out for this new year is definitely exactly what you need. Loud vibrancy and innovative styles are apparent in all of the board shorts, tees and tanks. Even the boys section of streetwear has some serious surf style that can be seen in the Barry and Joe tees
Basically, the new items of surf style and streetwear that are being debuted in the spring 2014 collection are totally on point with the lifestyle that you live. So, grab your board and hit the boardwalk and the swells because the surfwear and streetwear you can get your hands on now is totally rad.

6 S's to Surf and Skate Clothing Trends 2014

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You probably don't put more than 5 minutes into getting dressed to ride the rails at the local skate park, but that doesn't mean that you don't care about the surfing and skateboarding trends that are expected for this year. Your fashion isn't based around all that New York fashion week bull. How ridiculous would you look rocking a full piece suit on a deck? It's probably happened - but don't take that advice. Your unique style comes out through your technique and tricks on the board, whether it is surfing or skateboarding. The fashion in this industry is about comfortable, casual and free surf and skate clothing that won't restrict your movements and cause you to bail.  Here are the trends to look forward to. 

Seriously Sharp Style

If you're a dude who enjoys some colors, then you'll appreciate the trends of 2014 for surf and skate clothing. Acid upbeat style is being showcased in the trends, and it might even take you back to the 90s of surfing and skateboarding.  Neon pinks (Real men wear pink?), yellows and oranges are being combined with grays, blacks and whites to bring the brightness down to a more masculine fashion. It's pretty rad if you can pull if off.  As always, graphic tees are trending because this iconic style won't ever leave the industry.

Slouching Surf and Skate Clothing

It's not like you wear skin tight tees and tanks anyway, but 2014 surf and skate clothing trends is bringing in the slouch. It's not a Justin Bieber 'swag' kind of slouch, but rather, the trend is something rad and casual - and actually cool. Slouchy knitwear, and loose tees and tanks are on top of the list, and accessories such as beanies will provide individual style to the trend. 

Stripes on the Shorts

When it comes to your shorts, stripes and checkers are on point for long board shorts. The rest of the trends are fairly plain in texture. So, this adds a bit of 'fashion' to the surf and skate clothing trends. You'll be riding with your board shorts on anyway, so might as well revamp the wardrobe for 2014, and hopefully your skill set will follow en suite. 

Strong Slogans

Tees and tanks, surfing shorts, and skateboarding style for 2014 is placing emphasis on large, bold slogans. Contrasting colors, bold fonts, and repping your brand is something that you are bound to see while grinding the rails.  If this isn't your personal style, then it's no big deal. This is one of those trends that is really specific to the individual. 

Sheer Fabrics

You sweat up a storm while surfing and skateboarding anyway, and you probably even end up stripping off your tees and tanks, but the sheer fabric that is trending will keep you less-naked longer. Instead of cotton and heavy fabrics, surf and skate clothing is bringing in some lightweight materials such as sheer, lace and satin. Those three words may sound like the stuff your chick says, but the tees and tanks are masculine and on point with the lifestyle of this industry. 

Summer Flowers

Again, this is one of those trends that is specific to the individual. A lot of surf and skate clothing will be sporting florals for their designs. It's not so much about flowers, but more of a Hawiann appearance that is prominent within the urban streetwear style. 
No one expects you to show up at the park or on the shore with flowers blossoming from your style. Let's get serious here - that's just tacky. 
These 6 "S" trends will have your surf and skate clothing on point for 2014. Add in some new gitch to your gear and maybe you'll finally land that trick you've been bailing hard on. 

Where To Find Killer Skate Videos

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There are tons of reasons why you need to learn how and where to find killer skate videos. Not only is watching people bail hard absolutely hilarious, but checking out skate footage allows you to perfect the trick so you don't make your bailing video debut. As if the pain wasn't enough already, right - then you have to deal with the buzz on the net. Not a chance. Enjoy funny, cool, interesting and absolutely mind blowing clips that will also improve your skating performance. Theses are the best places to get the killer footage you need for not only entertainment purposes, but for techniques and tricks to break out your skate style.

Stalk Social Media Accounts

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine have totally changed the way we can follow the pros within the skate industry. Do a search for your favorite pro skater and check out skate videos that they personally do. These are bomb because you get to check out footage that is 'behind the scenes' and real. The skate videos are much more personable, and you may even find a new pro skater to follow.  

Pro Skater Sites With Skate Videos

Along with pro skaters social media accounts, they probably have their own personal site as well. This is where you can check out some more elaborate skate videos, break downs of tricks, tips for going pro and everything that you could possibly want to watch. Some of these sites also have interviews and some seriously rad photos. Analyze their techniques and bang out that boardslide the next time you're riding at the park. 

Skateboard Companies & Team Videos

Along with individual websites, pro and underground skateboarders have footage posted on skateboard companies & team websites. This is where to can truly see the grind of the sport. Pro skater videos often have some hard tricks debuted. If you're not going too hard on your board just yet, check out some websites of your favorite skateboard companies. They often have tips, tricks and footage for amateurs and pros. Started from the bottom now we're here, anyone? You have to start somewhere... Even if it's with an olly

Sponsor Skate Videos 

Skateboard companies that sponsor skaters are also a great place to check out rad skate videos. You can often see new deck styles, tricks, interviews, tips, and everything that you want to view about a specific skate team. You might not see hilarious bail videos of people falling hard, but you can definitely perfect your individual technique and skate style by watching footage on sponsors footage. The only downsize is that they are probably trying to promote their brand, and it's not always just about the skateboarding. 
Skate videos are wicked for perfecting your skill set on the deck. Then, you have the videos of people totally messing up and slamming hard on the rails which are solely for your entertainment purposes. You can also take their experience into your own skating to make sure that you don't make the same mistakes. Whether you are checking out skate videos of individuals or skateboard companies, these are definitely the places to look for some of the sickest footage out there. 

The Wicked Urban Fashion Trends at the Olympics 2014 Sochi

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Even if you are totally stoked for the Olympics this year, you likely tuned in to see the opening ceremony - and for many reasons. Not only is it a great show, but it is always fun to root on your country while checking out the urban fashion trends that some of the teams decide to rock the beginning of the games. 

Urban Fashion Trends On Point in Team Australia's Outfits

Although the entire Australian Olympic team isn't participating in the extreme sports of the Olympic Games, it sure looked like it because the urban style fashion was prominent within their opening ceremony uniforms. The athletes were all rocking a killer bomber jacket that is fairly similar to the Jerry Jacket, and paired it with a beanie and dark green jeans with a belt. Oh, and you can't forget about the wicked mountain boots they marched in. There is no doubt about it - Team Australia's outfits were all about the sports. The style inspiration was totally taken from the attire that these's athletes are so used to wearing, whether they're flipping a half pipe, racing skies or flying high on a board. 

Team Canada Rocked Urban Style Fashion

The blanket style jacket is pretty bomb for a variety of reasons, especially specific to the Canadian territories. Just like your own fashion sense, the Olympic outfits were designed to emphasize the personality and characteristics of each specific nation, and the Team Canada designers definitely achieved this. The urban fashion trends rock that extreme sporting element that can be found on the various mountains of the north. That - or they look like the Mounties that patrol them. Who knows? Regardless, they are spectacular. The jacket is super casual and a similar appeal can be found in the Ian Pullover sweater. Team Canada's outfit definitely catered to the street and sport style of the trend, making it one of the most practical attires that walked the opening ceremony in Sochie. 

The Epitome of Urban Style Fashion Goes to Team USA

You can't deny it - Team USA is the epitome of urban fashion trends within the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. They seriously killed it! Urban style fashion is prominent well throughout the star spangled banner... Literally. The style of the outfit is completely unique and stood out which is what this trend of fashion is all about. Team USA's opening ceremony definitely rocked the street style of the trend which is wicked because who wouldn't want to wear those incredible stars and stripes knitted sweaters all the time, right?
Mens urban clothing, more so than women's, has kind of been the underdog within the fashion industry, which may very well be why the trend is so fantastic. However, having a variety of the countries rock this style trend during one of the biggest, most monumental experiences of their lives just goes to show how far along your street style has come within the industry. 
The most incredible thing is that most of the countries have made their Olympic opening ceremony outfits available for purchase. That - or you can always get something similar from your favorite mens urban clothing store... Distortion!

Epic Skateboard Brands To Shred Some Style

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Getting the sickest deck for your skate style is a must. You can't be riding and grinding rails on some mucked up wood, and if that is what you're doing - you definitely need to kick it to the curb. Pun intended! Your deck should come from skateboard companies that offer high quality craftsmanship, designs and some elements that are specific to your individual style. There's nothing worse than when you're having a killer day skating, and you bust your foot right through the board, forcing you to call it a day. These are epic skate brands that have wicked decks. 

Get Dirty and Ghetto With DGK Skateboard Brand

DGK Skateboards (Dirty ghetto kids) have an immense amount of detail put into the style of the deck, so if you are looking for something that will get you and your tricks standing out at the park, this is definitely a company to shop for decks. This brand is seriously on the rise, and it totally has to do with the killer deck designs and the pro skaters on the team. To name a few, Jack Curtin, Marcus McBride, Josh Kalis and Rodrigo Tx skate with their decks. 

Rad Designs On The Blind Skate Brand

Blind is one of the best skateboard companies when it comes to bold, vibrant designs on your deck. The collection has all hardware and accessories that you could ever need to further your skateboard tricks and performance. Originally crafted in 1989, Blind signed pro skaters, Rudy Johnson, Guy Mariano and Jordan Richter as its vert rider. Blind Skateboards now has pro skaters such as Kevin Romar, Cody McEntire, Sean Sheffey and Filipe Ortiz on the team, and signature decks are available.

Get Stoked for Zero Boards

Zero boards seriously have zero things that they don't offer on their decks. If you want some skate brands that offer a variety of options and style, then this is definitely it. The Zero company was first formed in 1996 as an apparel shop, but quickly evolved into a skate brand because their decks were getting people super stoked. Professional skate boarder, Toy Machine was the first to join the team and Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval and John Rattray are some of the latest boarders on the Zero team. 

Sick Powell Skate Decks

Formed in 1978, this skate company only took off in the late 80s, which seems ancient, but their popularity has only grown since - just as the sport has.  The brand was actually created by George Powell, who was crafting homemade skateboards in 1957. His hobby quickly turned into a business opportunity, and here we are - riding Powell boards with pro skaters, Ray "Bones" Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Kit Erickson and Tommy Guerrero. That's only naming a few!
Whether you're balling on a budget or swiping some plastic, these skateboard companies offer some wicked boards that will definitely accommodate your style as you catch some air. Skating isn't always about nailing the latest and hardest trick. It's about having character and flavor when flipping out those kick flips in the half pipe. 

This Deep Freeze Has Captured Wild Waves Around the World

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The majority of the world is layering on their streetwear pullovers and surf style jackets because they're experiencing record-breaking colds right now. While average people are hibernating inside, you can only imagine what real surfers and dudes within the industry are doing around the world. You guessed it. The deep freeze has brought in some wicked storm waves in locations such as Southern California and even off the coast of Ireland and other areas in Europe. People are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to freeze their asses off just to be able to rip into some serious swells. That's not everything though. Surf photographers have also captured some bomb surf style shots of these deep freeze waves. 



California usually gives decent enough weather for tanks and tees, but with the cold weather, the deep freeze has also enhanced the surf swells! While everyone else is complaining of the chilly weather, the real Californians are grabbing their boards, preparing to rip the wicked waves. Of course, it's damn cold once you finally get out of the salt water, and that's why you have to go prepared with your streetwear jacket ready for you to strip into as soon as you get back onto shore. It's well worth it though. Even the surf style shots that photographers have taken will prove that the chilly weather is totally worth it. 



America isn't the only place that has people throwing their streetwear sweaters on top of their wetsuits. The North West side of Ireland has been getting some incredible waves that have resulted from the deep freeze we're experiencing. The people of Ireland have switched up their surf style for some colder weather gear so that they can rip into the black swell that professional and amateur surfers have been anxiously awaiting. Everyone else is boarding up their houses and the surfers of Ireland are boarding up and heading to the shore. It's totally rad.



It's kind of hilarious. While everyone in Europe is ranting over the dangers of Winter Storm Hercules, the surfers within the 45 countries affected by this storm in Europe are lining the sandy shores as they watch the record-breaking deep freeze waves come flooding in. Heavy rains, floods and freezing weather are over-rated to the surfing industry. These streetwear surfing dudes are taking the storm head on. No pun intended. As mentioned, even those who aren't ready to brave the cold water, they're out there snapping surf style shots of everyone who is carving into the swells of Hercules.


Now, you might not be wearing your latest surf style tank to the shore to carve into these swells, but you definitely don't want to miss out on the opportunity to tear up the storm waves and to watch other surfers do the same. It's wild out there, and as any surfer knows, you never give up a good wave. 

Epic Skateboard Games

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Chances are, we have all picked up a video game controller more than once in our life. It's even more likely that we have done so to take the reins of Tony Hawk or to play some other skateboard video games. Let's not kid ourselves. Skateboard games are just as fun as kick flipping your way through your local skate park. Plus, we need something to do on rainy days when we're lounging around in our sweatpants and pullovers, right? That's also not to mention that with skateboarding games, you get to enjoy skate videos that will teach you new tricks for the street. No, not the street in the game, but in reality. Here are some of the most rad games that you need to pick up. 



The entire Skate video game is seriously bomb. You can throw down some wicked tricks throughout the variety of stages in the game. Practice and hone your skills by watching the skate videos and skating around the levels. The skate shop has some realistic ways to create your own personal style. That's also not to mention that you get the entire competitive world of skateboarding right on the screen. Plus, if you aren't ready to risk the rails at the real park, you can still enjoy tearing it up with some video games.



We are all sick of our parents ripping on us to put the controller down, get out of our sweaters and get outside. Little do they know that we can get some of the most rad skate video games on our iPhones. We're thinking ahead of the game with this one. Skate It is a game that you can download. It is like the old school Tony Hawk games that we used to play, and the graphics are as clutch as the latest device. Learn how to nail a kickflip, ride the rails, and lay down some killer tricks on screen so that you can take your game to the treats. You have the option of skating as a pro skateboarder, or take advantage of the skate shop and customize your own character. If you kill it enough, you can create your own skate park as well - The ultimate dream.



You can't go wrong with the original skate video game. Tony Hawk has been around since the beginning of Playstation, and the game only continues to get better. It's a realistic way to lace up your Etnies, throw on your streetwear tank and grind the rails of school benches. There are so many new skateboarding tricks to learn, skate videos to watch and you can customize your pro skateboarder in the skate shop. It's unreal how realistic the Tony Hawk games series is. The original version is totally epic, but the newer versions are killer as well. 


So next time you're at the skate shop, check out some of the skate videos. There are tons of skateboard games that can get you kickflipping your way from the living room to the skate park. You're going to play video games when you're not tearing up the half pipe, so you might as well play one that is going to make you a better skater. Plus, the games have some bomb skate videos of pro skaters and real competitions. They're the entire package. Get off your couch, throw on your varsity jacket and grab yourself a new video game at the skate shop.

One of The Most Legendary Surf Industry Dudes Ever

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Some younger dudes may not know about Sean Collins but don't skip over this name. Sean was a self-taught meteorologist who was literally the surf shop forecast man. If you needed to know about the waves and weather, this was your dude. With his knowledge of the water, he went on to create formulas to predict the weather that would affect the surf conditions. Obviously, he quickly became a huge asset to the surfing industry because this was way back in the 60s and 70s. People couldn't pull out their iPhone from their pullover to find out the forecast in seconds. This man went on to do some incredible things within the surf style industry, most of them you are probably well aware of and just had no idea where they came from.



Sean went on to use his knowledge to find the best swells in Mexico and found some of the best locations that are known for big-name surfers ripping waves on today.  He also created a surf report service called Surfline which was a call-in service for surf breaks and reports around Southern California. With the advancements in technology, Surfline quickly went online and offered live video streams of the shore. Now, it's one of the most prominent websites for checking out surfing conditions, as well as surf shops, surf style. It's the ultimate place to go for a surfer. Forget Facebook!



Sean has been recognized for many things within the surfing industry, and one of the major accomplishments came in 1999 when he was named one of the "25 Most Influential Surfers of the Century" by Surfer magazine. In 2006, he was named one of the "100 most powerful people in Southern California" by The Los Angeles Times' West Magazine, especially due to his positive influence that he has had on California's surf industry. 2 years later, Sean was honored for his phenomenal surf forecasting capabilities and was placed into the Surfers' Hall of Fame in Huntington Beach, California. In 2013, he was added into the Surfer's Walk of Fame and also received the Surf Culture Award. He was also honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Those are only a small list of his accomplishments, and the biggest and best one goes without an award. He was able to look at the waves and weather and determine whether the surf shops should board their windows because a big storm was on their way. More importantly, he would be able to tell those exact surf shop owners if they should also grab their boards to carve the wicked storm waves coming.


It may seem hard to fathom, but there was a day when determining what the waves were going to be and how the weather was going to change was much harder than it is today. You know, back in the day when there was a lack of technology and people didn't have all these devices to find out what the forecast is instantly. The surfers around the world relied on this guy, and not only did he know when the good waves would hit, he knew where! He was the ultimate friend to have if you were into surfing.  Aside from that though, Sean Collins was the one who created the formulas to predict the weather that we can find out so instantaneously now.  He created those formulas so that the weather could be predicted. 


As a surfer, you know that your surf style is determined by the weather. Without the waves, you wouldn't be able to surf and discover your true talent. Sean Collins is a legend within the industry for his impeccable work. He was also a surfer himself, and that alone deserves an entire post.